Dear Texas

I am reaching out to the community the best way I can. I am hoping Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Boys & Girls Club of America and the ISD’s within Gillespie County will be interested. There is also a program for Teachers / Educational from ARRL that teaches advanced electronics, micro-controllers and other aspects that lead […]

Seeking motivated / passionate team players

Greetings, H.E.A.R.T. is moving along quite well, things are coming into place that seemed so far away when I first applied for club status with ARRL on February 15th / 2015. I now have a Vice President (K5WRO), We have a better meeting place, (EMS Building on the 4th Friday of the month from 6pm […]

Getting things done!

Greetings! Updates abound! We are searching and preparing to locate a spot for a repeater for Fredericksburg, Texas. Contacted W5YI for club call sign, had the realization from Larry Pollock (W5YI-VEC) that we can have support from both ARRL and W5YI concurrently. Preparing for our meeting on 5/9 (Come in and join us at Denny’s […]